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Key advantages

We can save you time, telling you exactly what you need and don’t need.

We are a single point of call for a wide variety of services you may need and, a central place to get the answers you need to most of the problems you will encounter.

We help you avoid the common pitfalls such as having an architect draw up some Plans and then, find yourself waiting for builders or tradesmen to quote, only to discover that the project is unsuitable or way beyond your actual budget. Usually at this point you would say to yourself “I wish someone had told me this at the start!”  We are that someone.

Imagine having to deal with ‘excited’  people speaking French rapidly down the phone at you about detailed problems that you are not equipped to answer confidently. We prevent you from having to experience this and can handle all aspects of your renovation project or property assessment in French and ‘on the ground’ with all the necessary parties. We do this while acting as your representative, explaining your wishes clearly, and passing back all relevant information to you, in order for you to make any required decisions clearly and with all the facts. This reduces stress for you and leaves you to focus on the things you would rather be doing.

We have been working in the construction industry (specialising in renovation) for over 35 years and have over that time acquired a vast wealth of experience, that we can draw on to resolve your specific project needs.

A consultant with experience in renovation and restoration reads a building like a book full of clues that require interpretation and verification. In some cases clues can be contradictory and only hard earned experience and a thorough understanding of the forces at work will allow the areas of concern to be pinpointed and viable solutions proposed.

It is important to understand that we do not replace any one single building industry expert.

On the contrary, part of our job is to identify the exact right specialist for your needs (if – and only if – required) - be it : Architect, town planer, building-surveyor, land-surveyor, structural engineer, hydraulic or electrical engineer, carpenter, stone mason, brick layer, plumber, electrician, roofer, concrete worker, tiler, plasterer, painter, pest controller, landscaper or swimming pool service.

Below is a list of the most common packages of services that we provide. This is only a guide however and you should bear in mind that any or all these services can be packaged into a bespoke combination that is right for you and your project. Should you not find the exact things you need below, then, please get in contact as we will also consider any other requirements you may have and seek to help you where possible. 

Pre-Purchase Detailed Condition Assessment

This service provides an independent assessment describing the actual condition of the various components of the property, illustrated by a comprehensive photographic report. It will also recommend actions to be taken and provide possible solutions to any problems encountered.

The main areas of focus that are included in this report are:

Local environment potential negative impacts

Unsightly features in close proximity:

Visual or ambient nuisances - such as from pylons, new housing estates, industrial buildings, wind turbines etc.

Smells – such as from a Pig farm, abattoir, factory, rubbish tip.

Noise – such as from motor-ways, railway-lines, airport & flight paths, bars & night clubs, schools.

Their impact will depend on their location, and on the prevailing winds in the area.

Possible health hazards: electromagnetic radiation, high tension lines, mobile phone emitters, and radar installations.

General condition of the property


Dangerous trees.

Drowning hazards, ponds or water features. 

Unstable retaining walls or garden features such as statues, arcades, bridges etc.

House and outbuildings


Ascertain the aspect (North or South facing)  this determines the available sunlight, which affects the use, quality and comfort of outdoor areas as-well as heating costs. The aspect also determines protection from bad weather.

Roof - framing, chimneys, gutters and down-pipes

Foundations, floors, walls and openings - Inspect for cracks, subsidence and damp.

Interior - walls, ceilings, panelling, doors and windows.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.                                             

Report condition of the above (photographic & written). Suggest actions and possible solutions to  problems encountered

Pre-purchase Rapid Assessment

This is a quicker and less detailed version of the ‘Detailed condition assessment’ that provides a report and photographic information in summary form only. This report is perfect for a rapid and solid overview of a property without getting into the specifics.

Transformation Feasibility Study

This service provides a summary study of all the possible options facing you - based on your provided requirements for a renovation project. For example; if you eventually want six bedrooms and three bathrooms in your property, can this be done within the existing building(s)? An approximate costing of the various options can be suggested to enable you to weight up the choices and make the best decision possible.

Accompanied  Visit

This service provides a bilingual renovation and construction consultant to accompany you during visits to properties or work sites, who will provide assessments throughout the visit. A summary report with photographs will be made to facilitate any subsequent decision making.

Detailed Photographic Report

This service will provide you with a detailed visual report of properties that are of interest to you while you are house-hunting – even if you are not able to visit properties in person, this service can also document

restoration project during all the phases of construction both for documentation and verification purposes. (Essential in the event of litigation or when dealing with historical buildings)

Renovation Project Planning

This service provides you with guidance in establishing renovation project priorities, factoring in time and budget constraints as well as identifying the different trades that will have to be involved and planning the best way to schedule these. Forward planning can help avoid stressful pitfalls.

Renovation Project Oversight

This service provides an on-site verification of construction work progress made with a factual and photographic report. This report is usually carried out before a progress payment is made to the contractor.

Renovation Project Maximising

This service provides assistance in putting an existing renovation project back on track. This will be necessary if a major unanticipated change has occurred such as: a partner pulling out,  builder terminating,

large technical problems, or a big change of plans.

Environmentally Friendly & Low & High Tech Solutions

This service provides advice on introducing, traditional  low-tech and recent technologies to your project. This may for example, take the form of:

Maximising sunlight in winter through appropriate eve length, ceiling height and angle that is calculated to let sunlight reach the back of rooms in winter but restrict it during the summer. 

Integrating active/passive heating and ventilation elements at the design stage through a variety of ways such as underground heat tanks, solar panel placement, opening & closing ventilated ridges, skylights and clear-stories etc.

Preparation for sale

This service provides guidance on achieving the maximum sale price possible for your property. After an initial inspection we will draw up a list of small jobs to be carried out both inside and outside the property to improve its presentation while advising against any work that would not in our opinion be directly recouped on the sale price.

Interpretation Service

This service is provided to English speakers who have to attend on-site meetings with architects, engineers, technicians, tradesmen or any other building industry professionals and require some specialist bilingual assistance.


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