Rapid Property Assessments

& Consulting France


The essential difference of these assessments and adaptability services as opposed to traditional procedures is the speed they can be carried out, so that you can  with confidence eliminate what will not suit you, and instead find what will, and when you do, you will be certain that it is suitable for all your  plans.

It must be made clear here that these services are a fast preliminary sorting tool, they do not replace a thorough survey by a chartered Building surveyor, or a proper costing and quote from a builder, but if you had to get these for every thing that looked promising. the cost speed and scope of your search would be severely affected.  

It is for this reason that our services have been carefully crafted, to achieve the right balance between caution, cost and speed.


Thinking of buying a property in the South of France ?

Do you already have one, and are looking to renovate ?

We provide prospective buyers with a bilingual one-stop shop consultancy and continuous support service.

We conduct rapid condition assessments that avoid the time and delay associated with calling in several experts in the initial stages of house selection. We can  also give a quick preliminary idea of the feasibility of renovations and their relative costs.

We can help you if:

You want to make sure of the real condition of the properties you are considering.

You want to know if the property can be realistically adapted to your requirements.

You need guidance in organising and controlling your renovation project. 

Whether you are in France or not, a competent and  bilingual consultant can give you the right advice for your project.

From the rapid assessment of your short-list, with or without you, to a more detailed condition assessment of your chosen property,  we will guide you through the important preliminary decisions avoiding the pitfalls and uncertainty.